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Welcome to the official website of the municipality Lúky

Basic information

Adress: Lúky, 020 53 Lúky

County: Púchov, Trenčín self-governing region

Identification number: 00317489

Population: 920


Phone no.:      0042142 4691501
Fax no.:           0042142 4691589
mobile Phone: 00421 905 634 433 


Municipal mayor:     Ján Behro

contact: e-mail: 

phone no.:                  0042142 4691527

                                   0042142 905 634 433

                                   0042142 918 484 100            



MONDAY 7:15 - 12:00 13:00 - 16: 00
TUESDAY unofficial day
WEDNESDAY 7:15 - 12:00 13:00 - 17:00
THURSDAY unofficial day
FRIDAY 7:15 - 12:00 13:00 -15:30



The municipality Lúky

ôetecký pohľad na obec LúkyThe municipality, or so called “village” Luky is located in northwestern Slovakia between the White Carpathian Mountains and Javorniky Mountains. It is situated in the Biela Voda river valley, 12 kilometers northwest of Puchov, 345 meters above sea level.

The first written recollection of this village was in 1471 originally named Possessio – Lwchky, even though the village itself is a lot older. The St. Bartholomew Apostle church is one of Luky’s historical sites. Originally gothic, it was reconstructed in the 15th century, built into the old Romaine foundation. The old original Romaine church was built 1228. We have reason to believe that the village Luky was built in the same year. In 1937, the first 2-way railway was built along with the Luky p. Makytou train station which was named after M.R. Stefanik.

The village built its first sewage disposal system in 2009 along with an interconnected water filtration system. Luky also has a health clinic, funeral home, childcare, fire department and a municipal building. The village also has its own restaurant “Niva”. Luky is a member of the BIOMASS group Kysucky Lieskovec. Since 2000, the childcare is heated by a biomass furnace. Since 2005, it also heats the Municipal building and in 2007 Luky built a new Apartment complex with 16 apartments also heated by the same furnace. Entertainment is provided and organized by the Municipality, volunteer fire dept., sport club Lokomotiva, theatre club for kids and adults, union of disabled, retiree union and the beekeepers’ union. This village also has its own folklore band named Javornik which has been successfully playing all around Slovakia and abroad.

Luky has all necessary services for its residents. There are two practical adult doctors, a children’s clinic, a general clinic, a massage clinic, cosmetic salon, grocery and basic necessities store, flower store. Transport is possible by automobile, train and bus from Puchov to any region in not only Slovakia but also in the opposite direction Moravia and the Czech Republic.


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Výkup papiera Lúky dňa 18.10.2017 v čase 16:40-17:00 hod. - pred OcÚ Lúky

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Prosíme každého, kto môže pomôcť zo zbieraním plastových vrchnáčikov, aby tak spravili pre dobrú vec. Podrobnosti v letáčiku. Plastové vrchnáčiky je možné nosiť na OcÚ Lúky. Info na 0904476287

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